Creative Styling

Everyone has their own individual air, whether it’s of sass, mystery or classic beauty, and given the chance Anush at Anush Hair Designs can bring out your own air within a hairstyle. Creative styling can take on any shape and can be used for a huge variety of purposes.

Many people come to Anush Hair Designs when they’re attending a big event, with no idea what look to choose. Anush is able to then take a normal look and turn it into something unique, using color and hair styling techniques without needing to actually cut the hair itself. You could choose a temporary pinned up hairstyle, or a semi permanent chemical straightening, perm or hair extensions for something a bit different from what you’re used to.

Anush is a professional stylist, specializing in hair extensions and creative styling for both men and women. She is able to create an individual look for different occasions, different times of the year and to suit different outfits too. Also, many who are having photo-shoots find a creative styling appointment provides them with their optimal look for those all important photos.

A creative styling appointment at Anush Hair Design is not so much designed for you to learn how to recreate a style yourself, but to have your hair styled by a professional (and with professional tools) for any special occasion. Get an authentic 1950 and 1960s beehive, contemporary bursts of color for 2010 or anything at all in between. Take a look at the Anush Hair Design salon portfolio for examples of Anush’s inspired men’s and women’s hair designs.