Men’s Hair Cut

Here at Anush Hair Designs we cater for both men and women of all ages and with all types of hair. Quite apart from being professionally trained and with years of experience in stylish hair design, Anush is able to take any man’s hair and create a style that will suit both his physical appearance, and his lifestyle.

Generally speaking, men have different needs from their haircut than women. For instance, a man isn’t likely to want to be able to style their hair in a number of different ways, but will probably be more concerned about being able to replicate one great style when they’re at home. We’ve all been there too, haven’t we? We get a great haircut, then get home and the next day we can’t get it to look the way the hairdresser did. Anush is different in that respect, and she will do her best to find a style that you’re able to replicate every morning without fail. You can even ask her to show you how to style it, and try it out yourself in the salon. This kind of process comes under aftercare, and with aftercare come products. Anush will be happy to show you and offer you the chance to buy all of the products that she uses to style your haircut. They will be suited to your hair type and color.

We believe Anush Hair Designs is a particularly good choice for the man who is open minded to styles that he may not have tried before. Don’t be alarmed, though, as a main part of Anush’s treatment is to take each individual’s lifestyle and personal tastes into account. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you really want in a haircut!

Anush Hair Salon