Men’s Relaxer

Hair relaxer is a popular chemical treatment used to straighten naturally curly, or very thick hair. Both men and women opt for this particular treatment, and it is particularly popular among those with coarser, African-American hair. The procedure gives permanent results, until the new, curly hair grows from the roots, which requires retouching to straighten it and match the rest of the hair.

The fundamental difference between women’s and men’s relaxers is the retouching time. Women’s hair tends to be longer, and when the new curly hair grows, the older relaxed hair weighs it down, keeping it slightly straighter. As men’s hair styles tend to be shorter, this weight is not there and the new hair growth is instantly visible as being curly. For this reason, men’s hair often requires retouching every five to six weeks, as opposed to the seven to eight that women require.

Mens relaxer treatments are carried out in exactly the same way as women’s, and here at Anush Hair Designs salon you can choose between a hair relaxer that contains lye, and one that does not (your choice should depend on your skin type and whether you are sensitive to certain chemicals or not. Anush will help to decide on the right product). You may be looking to either relax your curly or Afro hair, or thin out your thick hair, and Anush will apply the treatment according to the look you’re trying to achieve.

Before you go ahead an book an appointment for a men’s relaxer treatment, check out our Brazilian Keratin treatment that can enhance naturally curly or straight hair.